In anticipation of the doomsday: Essential food items to store up

January 11, 2018

In anticipation of the doomsday: Essential food items to store up

Aside the many destructions that would be feasible with the onset of doomsday, food scarcity is another unpleasant eventuality that the human race will experience. This is why preppers have often hoarded certain pantry foods [that have reasonable shelf life]; some of these are listed below:


Beans remain one of the very important food items every prepper love to have in store; this is because of the nutritional value gotten from it, and also its shelf life. For the purpose of surviving during the doomsday, beans specie such as mung beans, pinto beans and black beans will do a lot of good.


Talk about grains that can stay fresh for a long time then you cannot but look the way of wheat; it is one of the food stuffs that are really fitting for a survival situation.

White rice

In terms of storage and shelf-life, white rice appears to be a good choice- though the brown variety is more nutritious. You might be already bored with taking white rice but when you’re down to nothing [as in surviving the famine that could come up with the doomsday]; you will really appreciate having a plate [of white rice] served.


With a shelf life of about 4-6 years, oats also make for a good food item to store up. Packing oats in airtight containers will help to preserve it better.

Dehydrated powdered milk

Powdered milk is a good source of protein as you already know, and the dehydrated form [which stays fresh for a long time] will be great to have in the pantry in preparation for the doomsday.


If you do not desire eating tasteless meals while the doomsday persists then you have go t to include salt in the pack.

Other food stuffs that should make your ‘doomsday pantry’ include [but not limited to] cooking oil, sugar, canned vegetables, spices and condiments and white flour.